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On Thursday March 31st from 4:30 to 6 pm in Albritton 311, Res Life and Student Academic Services will be hosting a First Generation Panel and Discussion which will feature several resources that have been determined by First Generation students as helpful in navigating the difficulties of academic life as well as some students who […]

In high school, if you took a tour of Wesleyan then you likely heard your tour guide talk about how they were great friends with their professors. Maybe they mentioned having lunch with professors, working in labs with faculty, or just visiting office hours regularly.   So, now that you’re at Wesleyan, you may be […]

Finding a Summer Internship

  With summer quickly approaching, many of you may be thinking, “what are you going to do this summer?” Some of you may be inclined to pursue an internship in particular industry or field. Well here are a few tips to help you find an internship. Drop in hours at the Career Center The Career […]

So… What’s Your Major?

When do I have to declare my major? Students normally apply for acceptance to a major in a department or program after the close of Drop/Add in the spring semester of their sophomore year (around February). Exceptions are the College of East Asian Studies (CEAS), College of Letters (COL), and College of Social Studies (CSS) […]

Thinking about doing an Honors Thesis? And Then What? Come to a panel Q&A with Professors Marguerite Nguyen (H&A–ENGL) Suzanne O’Connell (NSM–E&ES), and Sarah Wiliarty (SBS—GOVT) and with Kevin Winnie ’16, peer advisor and thesis writer Wed., Feb. 3  — 4 p.m. — Usdan 110 Note:  There will be another meeting in April about the logistics […]

Throughout my four years here at Wesleyan, I have always been thinking about how to make my coursework reflect my future interests and goals. With this thought in mind, I worked to create a semester schedule that reflects my academic as well as personal interests. Realistically, some classes require much more work than others, and […]

Looking for a summer internship or a full-time job can be a daunting task, especially if you are an international student. All those terms and abbreviations, including, OPT, CPT, and H1-B, might even throw you off. In order to help you navigate the American job market, Student Academic Resources is partnering with the Career Center, […]

Back from Abroad?

We hope you enjoyed your semester abroad! While you are probably happy to be back on campus, you may also be feeling somewhat disoriented. To help you with the transition back to Wes, here are some suggestions for your first couple weeks on campus! Things to Keep in Mind When you Return to Wesleyan: It is […]

Thanksgiving is approaching and, if you’re like most students, you’re definitely ready for a break from classes and homework. However, right after Thanksgiving you probably have several finals, a handful of essays, and maybe even a semester research paper. While it’s tempting to just forget all about school for a few days, with some careful […]

  Are you passionate about science and math? Still not sure what to study at Wes? Why not consider engineering?   Yes, Wesleyan does not have an engineering department, but that does not mean that aspiring engineers must give up on their dreams! In fact, Wesleyan encourages all types of positive intellectual pursuits that students […]

When you choose your courses this semester, keep in mind that you will have to declare a major this semester. Know what your major(s) will be? Look at the department’s website for classes required to declare the major. If you haven’t taken those courses yet, take them this semester and prioritize them when ranking courses […]

Peer Advising Pre-Registration Guidelines for Freshman   General Expectations Now is a great time to use your gen-eds as opportunities to explore your interests! Look into disciplines that you’ve never taken a course in or could possibly be interested in NOTE: you do not have to finish your gen-eds by the end of your freshman […]

Pre-Registration Strategies

What is Pre-Registration? Over the summer, you studied WesMaps tirelessly, figuring out classes for your first semester of the school year.  Now, you’re expected to do it all over again; but what is pre-registration, and how do you navigate through it?  Well, fortunately your handy academic peer advisors (APAs) are here to help!  Fall pre-registration, […]

Six Tips for Studying Rubye Peyser Create a schedule: Put all major assessments for the rest of your semester into a calendar. If you use an online or computer calendar, have it send you a reminder a week before the exam/paper is due. This way, exams will not come as a surprise and you can […]

  Wesleyan is home to many historic and modern buildings. Some have been here since the founding and some just built a few years ago. You would be surprised on how many different rooms and spaces are accessible for students to use! Look at my list below for some helpful hints. Olin: Olin Library is […]

    So, you probably don’t need a peer advisor to tell you that midterms season is upon us…but do not fret! Your peer advisors are here with some helpful tips to make sure that you stay mentally and physically healthy during midterm season.   SLEEP! Just because you have midterms does not mean that […]

First Generation Student Guide

By Aleyda Castro I’m a Latina from Downtown Los Angeles. I am the oldest child in my family and the first to attend a four-year college. As a first generation student I understand the excitement you feel about leaving home and becoming independent. I understand the anxiety and fear you feel regarding that independence, and […]

Calming Your Pre-College Nerves

About three years ago, I remember how anxious I was the summer before college. My mind kept racing with thoughts on whether I would like college, would I fit in, where was I living, etc. As many of you embark on your four-year journey at Wesleyan, you should keep in mind some of these helpful […]

By Sherrel Mike I remember when I was an incoming freshman at Wesleyan. I was so excited to choose my own classes and fill my first semester schedule to the brim with classes to get ahead! With all of the excitement of going to college, I forgot one key word: Balance. Oftentimes, many incoming freshman […]

According to Wesleyan’s website, about 300 students go abroad each year on various programs to many different countries. With statistics like this, it is clear that Wesleyan makes it very possible to study, work, or intern all around the world. Having just returned from a spring semester abroad on Wesleyan’s ECCO program in Bologna, Italy, […]

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