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Are you ahead on your credits and considering graduating early? Want to save 20-25% of the cost of attending Wesleyan? As pre-reg finishes up, this is a great time to think about whether accelerating is right for you.   To graduate you must complete 32 Wesleyan credits, live on campus for 6 semesters, and complete […]

  How can you make this semester your best semester yet? How can you throw away those B’s and lasso in those A’s? Take a look at a couple suggestions for starting off this spring semester. Reflect and Set Goals Take an hour of your time, sit down, and really think about what you want […]

Using a planner is a great way to keep track of your responsibilities. It reminds you what needs to be done while also providing a tangible representation of your progress.  There is one caveat, however. You must actually use it for it to work! The following list is a collection of tips to make using […]

Hi Peers, On Monday, October 29, Spring 2013 Pre-Registration became live in our eportfolios, and it will remain so until Monday the 12 at 5pm. This means it’s time for us to get serious about deciding what courses to take next semester. The course selection process looks different depending on where we find ourselves in […]

Did you know that it’s possible to procrastinate on your homework by doing other homework? That’s right, it is! Alternating between assignments and chipping away at all of them is one thing. However, whenever a student chronically neglects a pressing assignment in order to focus on others of less urgency, that student is procrastinating. This […]

One of my favorite things about Wesleyan is that our student body is exceptional when it comes to balancing work and play. When I’m here I feel like I’m  in an environment full of people who are intellectually interested and academically driven, yet who also make plenty of time to be socially active. Much of […]

Work, social life, sleep. In college, some people claim it is only possible to do two of these things successfully. However, if you come to the Time Management Workshop tonight (Monday, September 3) at 9:30 in the Butt A Lounge, the Peer Advisors will show you how to do all three. We hope to see […]

The following is a guest post from New Student Orientation PA Catherine MacLean The Kitchen Timer: A Time-Management Pro Strategy Hello everyone! Happy August! In just a few short weeks, you will all be arriving at Wesleyan for the first time. I hope you’re getting excited. I’m sure you’re also starting to get those XL […]

Over this summer, continuing into this fall and beyond, you as a new college student will be privy to all sorts of advice from all sorts of people – parents, relatives, older friends, and Peer Advisors like myself, to name a few. One piece of advice that I received during my Frosh year that especially […]