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June 17, 2015 by Rubye Peyser Like many of you, I took a few AP courses and exams in high school and did fairly well. The Wesleyan website says that—for someone with qualifying AP scores—taking placement exams is, “strongly encouraged,” but not required. Let’s be honest: it was June; I had just finished my senior […]

As you probably already know (and probably one of the reasons why you chose it), Wesleyan does not have any required core classes. As a first year, you immediately have the ability to enroll in a large percentage of the total classes offered at the school, many of which will have upperclassmen in them and […]

On my last post, I explained a little bit about Living and Learning Seminars, 3 specific FYIs in which classmates are housed within the same residential areas. However, I did not get a chance to really explain what First- Year Initiatives are in general. First-Year Initiatives (FYIs) are seminar-style classes meant for and limited to […]

This form is one of the most important forms you will have to fill out over the summer. Your responses will be used to pre-register you for courses for both the fall and the spring, and to match you to a faculty advisor who will advise you for the first two years of your time […]

Hi Peers, On Monday, October 29, Spring 2013 Pre-Registration became live in our eportfolios, and it will remain so until Monday the 12 at 5pm. This means it’s time for us to get serious about deciding what courses to take next semester. The course selection process looks different depending on where we find ourselves in […]

Hi all! By now (or very soon) you should have received your summer mailing with the Orientation checklist and deadlines for the various info you need to fill out and submit before coming to campus. It’s also available online through the Orientation website and through your e-Portfolio if you haven’t received the mailing or have […]

  Over the next week, you’ll be hearing from the other Peer Advisors and myself about Summer Registration. Some time before Monday, July 9 at 11:59 PM, you will be responsible for registering for two classes online (you’ll register for your remaining classes during orientation, in person with your advisor). One of them will be […]

The Faculty and Student Advising Handbook  was created to help introduce you the Wesleyan curriculum and facilitate effective choices in your course selection. This summer, you will enroll in 2 of the 8 courses you will take during your first year of college.  The information you provide will help Wesleyan select a faculty advisor suitable […]