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June 17, 2015 by Rubye Peyser Like many of you, I took a few AP courses and exams in high school and did fairly well. The Wesleyan website says that—for someone with qualifying AP scores—taking placement exams is, “strongly encouraged,” but not required. Let’s be honest: it was June; I had just finished my senior […]

The Faculty and Student Advising Handbook  was created to help introduce you the Wesleyan curriculum and facilitate effective choices in your course selection. This summer, you will enroll in 2 of the 8 courses you will take during your first year of college.  The information you provide will help Wesleyan select a faculty advisor suitable […]

Wesleyan offers a number of placement exams that give you the opportunity to place out of introductory courses in foreign languages and/or mathematics and to take courses appropriate to your interests and ability. Placement exams in math and languages can be completed at any point during the summer. Most of these exams (the math placement exams […]