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Welcome to Day Three! As part of the First Year Matters (FYM) program, you were asked to read a selection of “common readings” over the summer. These readings are unified under the theme “Earth and Justice for All.” Check the FYM website for more information. “What, we had readings?” Yes you did! But fear not…you […]

It’s that time of year! During Orientation, it is the job of my Peer Advisor colleagues and I to make your transition to campus life as easy as possible. Hopefully you met some of us when you arrived this morning (we were among the students standing by to help you move into your residence hall). […]

Guess what…you have homework over this summer! What a bummer. Actually, this homework is really easy. For those of you who spent the better part of senior spring not doing homework (none of you, I’m sure), it might even be a great way to ease yourself back into the routine of school before the book […]