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Introduction Exploration is a hallmark of liberal learning. Take this first year to explore Wesleyan’s rich and exciting curriculum to broaden your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the world and the nature of knowledge. Discovering new intellectual realms and methodologies while diving deeper into those you love allows you to develop new perspectives and […]

Now that you’re browsing WesMaps and thinking about which courses to take, you may be brimming with questions and wondering what kind of advising resources will be available to you once you get on campus. This post will serve as a Q and A to answer some of these anticipated questions…and give you plenty of […]

This form is one of the most important forms you will have to fill out over the summer. Your responses will be used to pre-register you for courses for both the fall and the spring, and to match you to a faculty advisor who will advise you for the first two years of your time […]

I’m sure all of you already have you own email addresses before coming to Wesleyan. You have now received information about your new Wesleyan email address, and may be wondering if you should start using it. The answer is: YES. There are a lot of important reasons to use your Wes email (other than the […]

First Years and Transfers, I hope the first day of Orientation was enjoyable! Now, down to business… In addition to all the other orientation events (hall meetings, public/fire safety meetings, etc.) there are three important academic meetings for you to attend today and tomorrow. These are your group meeting with your Faculty Advisor and all […]

We’ve already had some occasion on this blog to talk a little bit about faculty advisors, but at a more general level, you should expect to have different relationships with your professors in college than you did in high school. For one thing, college professors are less interested in “disciplining” you in the sense of […]

Are you interested in maybe pursuing math or science, but thus far totally undecided about a major or a career path? Here’s something that might grab your attention. Wesleyan has something called a “3-2 Program” for students wishing to become engineers. That’s right, even though we lack an engineering major directly on our campus, it […]

Faculty advisors can be a great resource, but the relationship needs to be two-way for you to get the most out of it. Although your advisor is there to support you and ensure your educational success, shaping your academic plan is ultimately a collaboration between advisor and student. At Wesleyan, faculty advising implies a continuing […]

The Faculty and Student Advising Handbook  was created to help introduce you the Wesleyan curriculum and facilitate effective choices in your course selection. This summer, you will enroll in 2 of the 8 courses you will take during your first year of college.  The information you provide will help Wesleyan select a faculty advisor suitable […]