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If you’re an international student, you may be worried about studying abroad for 4 years in the states. The good news is- we have your back! Wesleyan has tons of resources to help international students ease the transition to Wes. Here are some academic and social resources to help with the transition:  1. Prof. Alice […]

I’m sure all of you already have you own email addresses before coming to Wesleyan. You have now received information about your new Wesleyan email address, and may be wondering if you should start using it. The answer is: YES. There are a lot of important reasons to use your Wes email (other than the […]

One of my favorite things about Wesleyan is that our student body is exceptional when it comes to balancing work and play. When I’m here I feel like I’m  in an environment full of people who are intellectually interested and academically driven, yet who also make plenty of time to be socially active. Much of […]

For those of you who can hardly bear the excitement of your imminent arrival on campus and are searching for a Wesleyan fix to tide you over in the meantime, did you know that Wesleyan has a significant presence in the blogosphere? Below I’ve listed a few Wes-related websites and blogs that just might be […]

The following is a guest post from NSO PA Catherine MacLean.   College is very different from high school, and one of the main ways that it is different is that you are expected to advocate and care for yourself much more like the independent adult you are than you ever have before. One area […]

Wesleyan is known for students who are active in pursuing their interests both inside and outside the classroom, and there’s an almost infinite number of interests that students have on our campus.  So it should come as no surprise that Wesleyan has an huge number of active student groups, ranging from the fire-spinning group Prometheus to the College […]

We’ve already had some occasion on this blog to talk a little bit about faculty advisors, but at a more general level, you should expect to have different relationships with your professors in college than you did in high school. For one thing, college professors are less interested in “disciplining” you in the sense of […]

Classroom Etiquette

    So you think you know something about classroom etiquette? Obviously, it’s bad to leave your cell phone on so that it might ring or vibrate audibly, to talk over professors or other students, to chew or slurp loudly, or to engage in other such behaviors that others generally find disruptive. However, there are […]

“So I’ve been reading this blog for weeks now and its been very helpful with understanding Wes…..but what’s SARN?” As you’ve probably figured out, this is the Peer Advisor blog. Peer Advisors (the bloggers and our crew) are a part of SARN, the Students Academic Resource Network. Offically, SARN “coordinates programs for intellectual enrichment and academic […]

While the majority of undergraduates departed Ol’ Wes for summer vacation a little over a month ago, several remain. Among these students are summer session attendees, those aiding professors with research projects, and a select group of interns working for the administration. Today I have the honor of introducing you to four students from the […]

Happy Friday! I hope everyone out there is having a swell day. This is just a reminder that the incoming student Housing Preference Form is due at tonight at 11:59. If you have not completed this form already, consider doing so: if you have even the slightest preferences as to your living situation come September, […]