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June 17, 2015 by Rubye Peyser Like many of you, I took a few AP courses and exams in high school and did fairly well. The Wesleyan website says that—for someone with qualifying AP scores—taking placement exams is, “strongly encouraged,” but not required. Let’s be honest: it was June; I had just finished my senior […]

Are you ahead on your credits and considering graduating early? Want to save 20-25% of the cost of attending Wesleyan? As pre-reg finishes up, this is a great time to think about whether accelerating is right for you.   To graduate you must complete 32 Wesleyan credits, live on campus for 6 semesters, and complete […]

  How can you make this semester your best semester yet? How can you throw away those B’s and lasso in those A’s? Take a look at a couple suggestions for starting off this spring semester. Reflect and Set Goals Take an hour of your time, sit down, and really think about what you want […]

Introduction Exploration is a hallmark of liberal learning. Take this first year to explore Wesleyan’s rich and exciting curriculum to broaden your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the world and the nature of knowledge. Discovering new intellectual realms and methodologies while diving deeper into those you love allows you to develop new perspectives and […]

  So, July is here.  While most of you are probably busy planning how to maximize time spent away from work eating Italian ice by a pool or something.  Or maybe planning how to maximize time spent at work if you work at a pool or in an Italian ice truck (if those exist), there […]

As you probably already know (and probably one of the reasons why you chose it), Wesleyan does not have any required core classes. As a first year, you immediately have the ability to enroll in a large percentage of the total classes offered at the school, many of which will have upperclassmen in them and […]

On my last post, I explained a little bit about Living and Learning Seminars, 3 specific FYIs in which classmates are housed within the same residential areas. However, I did not get a chance to really explain what First- Year Initiatives are in general. First-Year Initiatives (FYIs) are seminar-style classes meant for and limited to […]

Now that you’re browsing WesMaps and thinking about which courses to take, you may be brimming with questions and wondering what kind of advising resources will be available to you once you get on campus. This post will serve as a Q and A to answer some of these anticipated questions…and give you plenty of […]

Soooooo as we steadily approach the end of June, I’m hoping everyone is beginning to wrap up their remaining high school shenanigans. T- minus two months until orientation! And so the countdown begins…. In the meantime, here are ten things I wish I’d known before the start of my First Year at Wesleyan. 1.  How to […]

This form is one of the most important forms you will have to fill out over the summer. Your responses will be used to pre-register you for courses for both the fall and the spring, and to match you to a faculty advisor who will advise you for the first two years of your time […]

I’m sure all of you already have you own email addresses before coming to Wesleyan. You have now received information about your new Wesleyan email address, and may be wondering if you should start using it. The answer is: YES. There are a lot of important reasons to use your Wes email (other than the […]

Just a heads up: the last chance to withdraw from a second semester course or a fourth quarter course (e.g. a Phys. Ed.) is this Wednesday at 5:00. In order to withdraw, pick up a withdrawal slip from the registrar’s window on the first floor of North College, and then have it signed by your […]

Using a planner is a great way to keep track of your responsibilities. It reminds you what needs to be done while also providing a tangible representation of your progress.  There is one caveat, however. You must actually use it for it to work! The following list is a collection of tips to make using […]

Just a reminder that the Drop/Add period ends today at 11:59 pm. If you are feeling unreasonably burdened by your workload at this point in the semester and you are in a position to drop a course without jeopardizing your ability to complete your major, your GenEds, or to graduate on time, now is the […]

Thinking about taking more than the standard four-course load? Many of us have been there before. As someone who has taken more than four, I believe there are good reasons and not-so-good reasons to do this. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to kiss that fifth (or sixth) course goodbye as Drop/Add […]

Welcome back to campus! I hope you are all as excited for the second semester as am I.     For those of us who weren’t so lucky with pre-registration last semester, or who aren’t quite ready to commit to their current class rosters, here is an article, published in an Argus from last year, […]

Just a friendly reminder that Pre-Registration ends today at 5:00pm. Be sure to 1) have ranked your courses in your eportfolio and 2) have had your academic advisor approve your rankings by then. After that, it’s fingers crossed for your top choices!

POI Deadline Tomorrow 5 PM

Tomorrow is the deadline for Permission of Instructor (POI) courses.  Securing a place in these courses can make your pre-reg lives much easier, so if there is a course or two you may be interested, definitely apply! Be sure to check the requirements for each course you submit a POI request for. Some may only […]

Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder that final adjustments to schedules, grading modes for classes, and cross listings must be made TODAY by 5:00pm. Classes may not be added after 5:00pm, and classes that are dropped after that point will show up on the transcript as a “W” for withdraw. Furthermore, grading modes and cross-listing […]

First Years and Transfers, I hope the first day of Orientation was enjoyable! Now, down to business… In addition to all the other orientation events (hall meetings, public/fire safety meetings, etc.) there are three important academic meetings for you to attend today and tomorrow. These are your group meeting with your Faculty Advisor and all […]

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