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Monthly Archive for November, 2015

Thanksgiving is approaching and, if you’re like most students, you’re definitely ready for a break from classes and homework. However, right after Thanksgiving you probably have several finals, a handful of essays, and maybe even a semester research paper. While it’s tempting to just forget all about school for a few days, with some careful […]

  Are you passionate about science and math? Still not sure what to study at Wes? Why not consider engineering?   Yes, Wesleyan does not have an engineering department, but that does not mean that aspiring engineers must give up on their dreams! In fact, Wesleyan encourages all types of positive intellectual pursuits that students […]

When you choose your courses this semester, keep in mind that you will have to declare a major this semester. Know what your major(s) will be? Look at the department’s website for classes required to declare the major. If you haven’t taken those courses yet, take them this semester and prioritize them when ranking courses […]

Peer Advising Pre-Registration Guidelines for Freshman   General Expectations Now is a great time to use your gen-eds as opportunities to explore your interests! Look into disciplines that you’ve never taken a course in or could possibly be interested in NOTE: you do not have to finish your gen-eds by the end of your freshman […]

Pre-Registration Strategies

What is Pre-Registration? Over the summer, you studied WesMaps tirelessly, figuring out classes for your first semester of the school year.  Now, you’re expected to do it all over again; but what is pre-registration, and how do you navigate through it?  Well, fortunately your handy academic peer advisors (APAs) are here to help!  Fall pre-registration, […]