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Monthly Archive for July, 2015

Calming Your Pre-College Nerves

About three years ago, I remember how anxious I was the summer before college. My mind kept racing with thoughts on whether I would like college, would I fit in, where was I living, etc. As many of you embark on your four-year journey at Wesleyan, you should keep in mind some of these helpful […]

By Sherrel Mike I remember when I was an incoming freshman at Wesleyan. I was so excited to choose my own classes and fill my first semester schedule to the brim with classes to get ahead! With all of the excitement of going to college, I forgot one key word: Balance. Oftentimes, many incoming freshman […]

According to Wesleyan’s website, about 300 students go abroad each year on various programs to many different countries. With statistics like this, it is clear that Wesleyan makes it very possible to study, work, or intern all around the world. Having just returned from a spring semester abroad on Wesleyan’s ECCO program in Bologna, Italy, […]