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Monthly Archive for July, 2014

Hello Class of 2018!  My name is Veronica Birdsall, and together with the other Peer Advisors (who you will hear from soon!) , I will be helping you along in your academic career before, during, and after Orientation! Now a little bit about Peer Advisors (PAs) : Who are we? Exactly what the name implies! […]

Introduction Exploration is a hallmark of liberal learning. Take this first year to explore Wesleyan’s rich and exciting curriculum to broaden your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the world and the nature of knowledge. Discovering new intellectual realms and methodologies while diving deeper into those you love allows you to develop new perspectives and […]

Dear Class of 2018, As you have no doubt deduced, my name is Andrew Curran. I’m Dean of Arts and Humanities and the Director of Curricular Initiatives at Wesleyan. Welcome to Wesleyan ! I’m writing today to let you know about the First-Year Seminar Program (FYS), which has been designed with you in mind. Here […]