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Monthly Archive for April, 2014

Course Withdrawal Deadline 4/30

A reminder that Wednesday, 4/30 is the last day to withdraw from full semester and 4th quarter classes! If you’re thinking of withdrawing from a course, you should reach out to the professor and your class dean as soon as possible.  

Help Them Help You

                    Establishing close relationships with your professors outside of class is one of the most important aspects of your college experience. Doing so can help bolster your understanding of course material, provide potential recommendations for summer and post-Wes opportunities, and generally enhance your perspective in navigating […]

Apps for Success

We all know that iPhones are magical, wondrous devices useful for everything from snapchatting to getting the name of that song playing in Pi. Until this week though, I did not fully realize how much iPhones can help out with studying and time management. So, I come to this blog post to impart some wisdom […]

Adjustment Time!

So today was the last day of planning your courses for the next semester, and tomorrow you’ll find out what classes you got. BREATHE. (It can be a little scary, so I’m just going to go ahead and and remind you not to freak out from time to time.) Most people will find they’ve been […]