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Monthly Archive for June, 2013

9 more days…

until Summer Pre-registration is due! Monday, July 8th at 11:59 PM, to be precise! Take it from a procrastinator: you don’t want to procrastinate here. Completing the 5 preregistration steps on your Eportfolio can be key to getting started on the right foot at Wes. Note that completing these forms in  now way commits you […]

Now that you’re browsing WesMaps and thinking about which courses to take, you may be brimming with questions and wondering what kind of advising resources will be available to you once you get on campus. This post will serve as a Q and A to answer some of these anticipated questions…and give you plenty of […]

So after getting a couple emails from the Orientation interns, seeing Blog posts from your Peer Advisors, and getting your questions answered on the WesAdmits 2017 page, hopefully at this point you are starting to get an understanding of the Orientation process and you have started looking at classes for the First Year Pre-Registration deadline […]

Soooooo as we steadily approach the end of June, I’m hoping everyone is beginning to wrap up their remaining high school shenanigans. T- minus two months until orientation! And so the countdown begins…. In the meantime, here are ten things I wish I’d known before the start of my First Year at Wesleyan. 1.  How to […]

Back in the 18th century, wise old Benjamin Franklin made a habit of giving himself a severe going-over every night. He would sit down and self-analyze, reflecting on what he did right that day, what he was proud of, and what his faults were. Ben Franklin realized that he wouldn’t get very far unless he […]

So, you’ve received the Faculty and Student Advising Handbook. Now the question is, how do you use it? This post will guide you through the Handbook and what you need to know to effectively select courses for next semester. You should still read through the Handbook, which goes into detail, but here are the nuts […]

This form is one of the most important forms you will have to fill out over the summer. Your responses will be used to pre-register you for courses for both the fall and the spring, and to match you to a faculty advisor who will advise you for the first two years of your time […]

How to read a WesMaps page

In case you didn’t know, every course offered at Wesleyan has its own personalized page in WesMaps, Wesleyan’s online course catalog. Furthermore, these “WesMaps pages” are actually pretty incredible. Allow me to explain. Not only does a course’s WesMaps page tell you basic logistical information such as what time of day and what days of […]

Hey Guys! Welcome to Wesleyan! My name is Ambrosia Smith and I’m yet another peer advisor that will be blogging throughout the upcoming year. I’m a Neuroscience and Behavior Major from Minnesota (land of 10,000 lakes, SPAM and Prince). This summer I’m working in a Cognitive Psychology Lab at the University of Minnesota researching executive […]

Hello!! I’m from the distant hills of Litchfield, CT, where I incubated a love of science and acronyms (I’m a NS&B/MB&B double major!), as well as exclamation points, puppies, and cake! I applied to Wesleyan Early Decision as an enthusiastic high-schooler, and have managed to maintain my excitement into my junior year, so ask me […]

Hi everyone! I’m Cynthia Tong, a rising senior double majoring in Sociology and Italian Studies. I’m originally from Southern California but after 3 years here, I definitely consider Wesleyan my home. On campus, you’ll usually find me in one of the dance studios on campus rehearsing with the Precision Dance Company and the Fusion Hip […]

Hello and welcome to the Peer Advisor blog! I’m Carolyn Lipp, another Peer Advisor who will be blogging throughout the year. A little info about myself: I’m a senior History  major working towards the Study of Education Certificate. I’m particularly interested in modern European history, and am currently working on a thesis about education and youth […]

Welcome to the Peer Advisor blog! My name is Faisal and I’m a rising senior majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior. This summer I am doing research at Children’s Hospital Boston for my thesis on emotional regulation. In addition to analyzing data on the brain, I’ll be one of the full time peer advisors blogging this […]

I’m sure all of you already have you own email addresses before coming to Wesleyan. You have now received information about your new Wesleyan email address, and may be wondering if you should start using it. The answer is: YES. There are a lot of important reasons to use your Wes email (other than the […]