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Monthly Archive for March, 2013

Now that spring break has come to an end, this week marks the beginning of a new unit in most classes. This is a great time to beef (or seitan) up your approach to learning and reviewing your course material.  The most direct way to monitor your comprehension is to practice effective note-taking–or as I […]

The lovely and talented Sarah Burkett recently posted on WesBAM about some easy meditations to help you rest up over Spring Break, so I stole them (with permission) to share with all of you.  Check it out!   After last week’s seemingly never-ending stream of midterms and papers and projects and presentations, use this precious […]

Be a PEER ADVISOR! Apply to work for the full academic year or only during New Student Orientation Help new students plan their academic schedules and work with their advisors during Orientation week Act as a resource during course registration Participate in First Year Matters programming Direct students to Wesleyan’s full range of academic resources […]

Spring break!!!!

Woooooo spring break…is a great time to catch up/get ahead on some work so your next exam week isn’t as brutal as this one just was. A few easy things you can do are: Get organized: sort all the loose handouts, finished assignments, flash cards, syllabi, notes, study materials, doodles, etc into a binder for […]

Keep Your Balance

This time of the semester can be extremely daunting. Midterm exams are coming, as are essays, quizzes, presentations, and for all you art people, drawings are due! To resort to a classic (but still useful) cliche: treat this week like a sprint, not a marathon. That is not to underestimate the importance of trying hard; […]