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Monthly Archive for October, 2012

I live on routine. I like going to the same buildings, walking through the same halls, and doing the same activities on the same days. Yeah, I’m pretty boring. But routine is awesome. I could live my life in my sleep; I know all the twists and turns of every path I take to classes, […]

The Writing Workshop is an excellent resource that all students should take advantage of. It consists of a staff of trained Wesleyan students who love writing and are eager to help others improve their writing as well. These writing tutors help students of all years, from first year students working on their first college papers to […]

I like to hand write things, but I know that many of you guys are way more tech savvy than I am and have your fingers almost constantly glued to a keyboard. If so, this app is for you! iProcrastinate allows you to write out all your assignments, errands, and appointments on your Mac. You […]