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Monthly Archive for September, 2012

It’s Exam Season!

Even if you don’t have midterms this week, you probably do in the next two weeks, and it’s time to start preparing.  Even if it’s worked for you in the past, you shouldn’t wait until the night before (or even two days before) a midterm to start studying.  If you start getting ready by reviewing […]

Did you know that it’s possible to procrastinate on your homework by doing other homework? That’s right, it is! Alternating between assignments and chipping away at all of them is one thing. However, whenever a student chronically neglects a pressing assignment in order to focus on others of less urgency, that student is procrastinating. This […]

Some people can keep all their scheduled activities in their heads. I’m one of the ones who can’t and if it weren’t for Somacon.com’s printable calendars, I’d be stumbling through life, missing appointments right and left. Why not just buy a regular wall calendar? There are two good reasons. One, with most regular hanging calendars, […]

What’s ‘pocket time’? Like the name suggests, pocket time is the spare time you have in short pockets which usually go to waste.  My favorite examples are waiting for appointments or in lines (like at Usdan or Summerfields) and walking to and from class.  If you really think about how much pocket time goes to […]

Sleep like a Champion

“Are we sleep-walking through our waking state or wake-walking through our dreams?” – Richard Linklater, Waking Life   It’s hard to believe that we’re only two weeks into classes. Tired yet? I certainly am. It’s easy at the beginning of the school year to neglect sleep for a while. Everything is fresh and new, and […]

Exam Preparation Workshop TONIGHT

Exams are unavoidable in college; however, with the right strategies, they don’t need to be so stressful. To get the most out of your studying, attend the Exam Preparation workshop tonight in Butterfield B. The event will start at 9:30. As usual, please bring a pen and sheet of paper.

Lots of you probably went to the student groups fair.  There were literally hundreds of student groups there, all telling you to sign up for their listserv and at least a few of them might have convinced you.  From the environment to a cappella to politics to zombie art, Wesleyan has a student group for […]

Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder that final adjustments to schedules, grading modes for classes, and cross listings must be made TODAY by 5:00pm. Classes may not be added after 5:00pm, and classes that are dropped after that point will show up on the transcript as a “W” for withdraw. Furthermore, grading modes and cross-listing […]

Hey guys! Do you want to improve your reading skills? Of course you do! Then come to the Reading Retention Workshop this Sunday at 7PM in the 200 Church lounge! We’ll be reviewing techniques that will help you become as efficient a reader as possible. Plus: brownies. Yummy, yummy brownies.

Work, fun, sleep. Some people say you can only do two of the three at college. Come to the Time Management Workshop today (Thursday, September 13) at 12:15 in the Usdan136 to help you do all three. We hope to see you there! Bring a pencil and paper!

Want to learn the secrets behind earning that 4.0? Come to the How to Be a Star Student workshop at 7PM in Exley 137! Bring a pen and paper!

One of my favorite things about Wesleyan is that our student body is exceptional when it comes to balancing work and play. When I’m here I feel like I’m  in an environment full of people who are intellectually interested and academically driven, yet who also make plenty of time to be socially active. Much of […]

Want to know what it takes to be a star student at Wes?  Then come to a workshop hosted by the Peer Advisors!  One is from 12:10-12:50 in Usdan 108, the other is from 7-8 PM in Bennet Hall Lounge.   Please arrive with a notebook and pen or pencil.

Apply for a Writing Mentor!

If you’re seeking to improve your writing this semester, you should sign up for a Writing Mentor! Your mentor will work with you one-on-one throughout the semester on anything and everything you’re writing, from term papers to cover letters to short stories. Students of all academic disciplines and levels of expertise are encouraged to apply. […]

On the workshop schedule, there is a time management workshop scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday 9/11).  Ironically, we are rescheduling that workshop. The time management workshop will now be the next day, Wednesday 9/12 at 12:10 in Usdan 136 (everything is the same except on the following day).  Hope to see you there!  

Hey everyone! Are you having trouble taking notes in class, or just want some tips to improve your skills? Come to the note taking workshop tonight from 7-8PM in Albritton 103!

I know Olin can be intimidating. Heck, I didn’t step foot in its doors even once during my first semester at Wesleyan. But there’s no need to make the same mistakes I did! Olin is a great resource that all Wesleyan students should make the most of. To that end, every first year student has […]

Extended orientation continues with a workshop on reading retention TODAY at 12:15 in Usdan 136! Please come with something to write with and a syllabus from one of your classes. Also okay to bring your lunch!

Phew! Made it through day one. Give yourselves a pat on the back. (Unless you are still in a lab or late class–hang in there guys!) As you can probably already tell, things get going fast in college. On just the first day we already start hearing about quizes, midterms and writing assignments.  The flood […]

Work, social life, sleep. In college, some people claim it is only possible to do two of these things successfully. However, if you come to the Time Management Workshop tonight (Monday, September 3) at 9:30 in the Butt A Lounge, the Peer Advisors will show you how to do all three. We hope to see […]

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