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Monthly Archive for August, 2012

Welcome to Day Three! As part of the First Year Matters (FYM) program, you were asked to read a selection of “common readings” over the summer. These readings are unified under the theme “Earth and Justice for All.” Check the FYM website for more information. “What, we had readings?” Yes you did! But fear not…you […]

First Years and Transfers, I hope the first day of Orientation was enjoyable! Now, down to business… In addition to all the other orientation events (hall meetings, public/fire safety meetings, etc.) there are three important academic meetings for you to attend today and tomorrow. These are your group meeting with your Faculty Advisor and all […]

It’s that time of year! During Orientation, it is the job of my Peer Advisor colleagues and I to make your transition to campus life as easy as possible. Hopefully you met some of us when you arrived this morning (we were among the students standing by to help you move into your residence hall). […]

For those of you who can hardly bear the excitement of your imminent arrival on campus and are searching for a Wesleyan fix to tide you over in the meantime, did you know that Wesleyan has a significant presence in the blogosphere? Below I’ve listed a few Wes-related websites and blogs that just might be […]

Two more days until First Year Orientation! I hope you are as excited as I am… In the meantime, here are ten things I wish I’d known before the start of my First Year at Wesleyan. How to budget my meal plan. Using 2-3 meals a day in Usdan or Summerfields, going on bi-weekly grocery […]

Senior year of high school, I was a daunted kid. Like many of you, I applied to a bunch of different colleges. Often older people wax nostalgically about how college was one of the most transformational periods of their life, which should have enlivened me at the time. It actually freaked me out – I […]

Hey Class of 2016!                     My name is Alex Rachlin.  I am a Sophomore from Chicago, Illinois.  I’m not quite sure what I will be majoring in, but I am interested in various departments, including Economics, Math, and Government.  I could not have had a better […]

The following is a guest post from NSO PA Catherine MacLean.   College is very different from high school, and one of the main ways that it is different is that you are expected to advocate and care for yourself much more like the independent adult you are than you ever have before. One area […]

Only 1 more week and you guys will be at Wes!  During orientation week you will all register for classes. In fact, most of you should already have an FYI and/or an intro course that you registered for over the summer. You’ll learn all about the registration process in a matter of days, but keep […]

Your first year at Wesleyan is as good a time as any to practice living in the here and now. New to the institution, you’re blessed with a fresh start in a community that values exploration and experimentation. If you take to heart what I just said, and allow yourself to be engrossed by the […]

Oh hey first years! I want to take this opportunity to give you some information on First Year Matters.  It  begins over the summer by asking you all to complete a selection of readings all focused on a theme, and then when you all arrive on campus, you will have the opportunity to attend several […]

Hi, all.  I’m sitting here with my roommate, a real-life college graduate and current architect in New York.   I just asked her for her best advice to an incoming college student.   Here’s what Katherine has to say: “Really you just need to be true to yourself.  There’s a thousand million things going on […]

A good lesson for college: you can’t work all the time.  Here are a few breathtaking photos.   A crocodile lunging at the camera lens.  The blurs around the jaws show how fast it’s moving. Unbelievable lizard eye. Tornado of bald eagles.    

The following is a guest post from New Student Orientation PA Catherine MacLean The Kitchen Timer: A Time-Management Pro Strategy Hello everyone! Happy August! In just a few short weeks, you will all be arriving at Wesleyan for the first time. I hope you’re getting excited. I’m sure you’re also starting to get those XL […]

The Wesleyan Student Assembly, or WSA, is crucial to student life at Wesleyan. They allocate funds to campus organizations, respond to student concerns, and interact with the University and Middletown. What is the WSA? The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) is the democratically elected body that serves as forceful advocate for the interests of the students, […]

Many of you may be worrying about the college courseloads and the amount of work you will have to manage once college begins. Well, in case you are, you have nothing to fear. We will all admit that college is a lot of work and requires many hours of studying to do well in classes, […]

Wesleyan is known for students who are active in pursuing their interests both inside and outside the classroom, and there’s an almost infinite number of interests that students have on our campus.  So it should come as no surprise that Wesleyan has an huge number of active student groups, ranging from the fire-spinning group Prometheus to the College […]

By today at 11:59 PM, you will be responsible for selecting a meal plan for the first semester (note: once the school year starts, you may change your plan during drop-add). A couple years ago, the WSA published a blog entry with some statistics suggesting most First Years will be best-served by the 135-meal block […]