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Monthly Archive for July, 2012

We’ve already had some occasion on this blog to talk a little bit about faculty advisors, but at a more general level, you should expect to have different relationships with your professors in college than you did in high school. For one thing, college professors are less interested in “disciplining” you in the sense of […]

Are you interested in maybe pursuing math or science, but thus far totally undecided about a major or a career path? Here’s something that might grab your attention. Wesleyan has something called a “3-2 Program” for students wishing to become engineers. That’s right, even though we lack an engineering major directly on our campus, it […]

One of the great things about Wesleyan is that we undergraduates are not required to declare a major program until sophomore spring, giving us ample time to explore different areas of interest and discover what areas we really want to pursue further. Indeed, the application for almost all major programs is due around spring break […]

Faculty advisors can be a great resource, but the relationship needs to be two-way for you to get the most out of it. Although your advisor is there to support you and ensure your educational success, shaping your academic plan is ultimately a collaboration between advisor and student. At Wesleyan, faculty advising implies a continuing […]

The following post was written last year by Peer Advisor Alumna/former ResLife employee Ashley Garrett ’12.   The answer? Nothing. Res Life has nothing against you. In fact like many of the people who work in the offices at Wes, they work to help improve and facilitate your time here. Res Life works very hard […]

While you could probably spend 4 years at Wesleyan and only ever head into town for a bite to eat or to pick something at Rite Aid, I think that it’s important that students become a part of the Middletown community. For me, one way of accomplishing that has been spending a little time each […]

Classroom Etiquette

    So you think you know something about classroom etiquette? Obviously, it’s bad to leave your cell phone on so that it might ring or vibrate audibly, to talk over professors or other students, to chew or slurp loudly, or to engage in other such behaviors that others generally find disruptive. However, there are […]

This may seem like a minor issue at first, but first impressions are really important and a few of the rules of the game have changed in between high school and college, so let’s talk about how to address your professors. In high school, most (if not all) of you were probably used to addressing […]

“So I’ve been reading this blog for weeks now and its been very helpful with understanding Wes…..but what’s SARN?” As you’ve probably figured out, this is the Peer Advisor blog. Peer Advisors (the bloggers and our crew) are a part of SARN, the Students Academic Resource Network. Offically, SARN “coordinates programs for intellectual enrichment and academic […]


Interested in Pre-Med?

Don’t let the title of this post scare you: you don’t have to decide on a major (except for two unique ones; more on that later) until the second semester of your sophomore year.  Even so, looking into the major requirements of different departments that interest you is a good idea so that you know […]

DON’T FORGET to make a course plan by July 9th!  You can access your plan through  EPortfolio>Student>New Student Programs>First Year Pre-Registration.  Your course plans are due by 11:59pm on July 9th. You need to make ranked course plans for both FYI and non-FYI courses so that you’ll be enrolled in one of each.  If you […]

Hello! My name is Kaitlin DeWilde. I’m a senior psychology major at Wes right now. I’m from Fort Worth, Texas, but I only wear cowboy hats when I lose a bet. I spent this summer doing research for my senior thesis in Sierra Leone, which perfectly combined my interests in psychology and the ocean. Additionally, […]

Hi there, class of 2016!             I’m Catherine MacLean, a rising junior double majoring in Biology and the Science in Society Program from Hamilton, MA. I love that Wesleyan has given me the opportunity to pursue really diverse interests, and to find connections between the topics that interest me.      […]