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Monthly Archive for June, 2012

Guess what…you have homework over this summer! What a bummer. Actually, this homework is really easy. For those of you who spent the better part of senior spring not doing homework (none of you, I’m sure), it might even be a great way to ease yourself back into the routine of school before the book […]

When you started thinking about applying to college, you probably made a list of criteria that you deemed important. Big school or small school? Urban or rural? East coast or West coast? At some point, Liberal Arts education came into the picture. Fast forward a few months, and here you are, about to find out […]

One thing that stands out to people when I talk to them about our lovely school is that no, Wesleyan does not have any required core classes. As a first year, you immediately have the ability to enroll in a large percentage of the total classes offered at the school, many of which will have upperclassmen […]

  Yes! No! I’ve heard both answers to the question believably argued during my time at Wesleyan. From a practical standpoint, majors matter because you will have to take a required number of courses and may be limited in your ability to study abroad or fit in non-major courses based on your major.

While the majority of undergraduates departed Ol’ Wes for summer vacation a little over a month ago, several remain. Among these students are summer session attendees, those aiding professors with research projects, and a select group of interns working for the administration. Today I have the honor of introducing you to four students from the […]

Hi all! By now (or very soon) you should have received your summer mailing with the Orientation checklist and deadlines for the various info you need to fill out and submit before coming to campus. It’s also available online through the Orientation website and through your e-Portfolio if you haven’t received the mailing or have […]

For me, the biggest difference from high school has been the level of independence that professors expect from you. There are a lot of examples of this that I could use, but in light of the fact that you’re probably wondering what to expect during those first few days at Wes, I’ll use one that […]

Happy Friday! I hope everyone out there is having a swell day. This is just a reminder that the incoming student Housing Preference Form is due at tonight at 11:59. If you have not completed this form already, consider doing so: if you have even the slightest preferences as to your living situation come September, […]

  Over the next week, you’ll be hearing from the other Peer Advisors and myself about Summer Registration. Some time before Monday, July 9 at 11:59 PM, you will be responsible for registering for two classes online (you’ll register for your remaining classes during orientation, in person with your advisor). One of them will be […]

Disabilities (learning, physical, or psychological) services are offered through the Student Affairs/Deans’ Office. The process for students seeking disability accommodations is as follows: Make an appointment with or contact Dean Sarah Lazare to create a disabilities file. She is the associate dean for student academic resources and the administrator of services for students with disabilities, and can be reached at […]

Over this summer, continuing into this fall and beyond, you as a new college student will be privy to all sorts of advice from all sorts of people – parents, relatives, older friends, and Peer Advisors like myself, to name a few. One piece of advice that I received during my Frosh year that especially […]

The Faculty and Student Advising Handbook  was created to help introduce you the Wesleyan curriculum and facilitate effective choices in your course selection. This summer, you will enroll in 2 of the 8 courses you will take during your first year of college.  The information you provide will help Wesleyan select a faculty advisor suitable […]

I’m Alex and here’s a little about me: I’m a senior math-econ major who’s taken a bunch of Spanish, sciences and philosophy. I’m really interested in social enterprise and am part of a student group called Impact dedicated to social enterprise at Wesleyan.  I also interned at a microfinance organization in Honduras last summer. I […]

Learning the Lingo

If all the acronyms you find while poking around Wesleyan websites have you stumped, have no fear! It’s time to introduce you to the list of acronyms and abbreviations that you’ll come across 24/7 at Wes. Use these in casual conversation and people will start thinking you’ve been here for years. P.S. You’ll soon learn […]

Hello, Class of 2016! My name is Adam Rashkoff and I am a rising senior and a College of Letters and German Studies double major. This summer, the other Peer Advisors and I will be using this blog to keep you in the loop on some logistical aspects of preparing for your arrival on campus. We are also here […]

Hi! I’m Gabi Bruney and I’m a music major from Brooklyn, NY. I’m a peer advisor and a staff writer for the arts section of the Argus. Aroun You might bump into me at a show at Eclectic, in the piano practice rooms in the middle of the night, or riding my bike around campus. […]