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June 17, 2015 by Rubye Peyser Like many of you, I took a few AP courses and exams in high school and did fairly well. The Wesleyan website says that—for someone with qualifying AP scores—taking placement exams is, “strongly encouraged,” but not required. Let’s be honest: it was June; I had just finished my senior […]

Join us as a panel of former thesis writers speak about their experience and give advice on how to make the thesis process as easy as possible. This event is intended to give rising senior an insight on the thesis writing process prior to and during their senior year. The event will be on Monday April […]

So you just had a very long (weirdly longer than any other university) spring break. Now you have been back at Wesleyan for one week. You might have had your midterms, are preparing for upcoming midterms, or are one of the few students that don’t have much work. Currently, you might be dismayed with your […]

Thinking about Graduate School?

Come have dinner and learn from alumni, current graduate students and staff about the ins and outs of graduate school and the application process. Panelists Eugene Wong ’09, Economics and Math double major MBA 2015, Yale School of Management Andrea DePetris ’10, Psychology major PhD 2016, University of Connecticut, Clinical Psychology Emily Goettsche ’12, Neuroscience […]

What are you doing this summer? I know, it’s hard to think farther ahead than midterms, but now’s the perfect time to start planning for your summer internship. Here are some tips on how to get started. 1. Explore the CRC website The CRC website is LOADED with info that’ll be really useful as you […]

  Prepare yourself to succeed this semester by attending these workshops on metacognition, a strategy that involves assessing and taking control of your own thought processes to help you become a better student! Workshop 3 on Thursday, January 29, 2015 Time: 7:00 PM-8:15 PM Location:       41 Wyllys, Olson Commons (CRC lobby space) Audience:      Under Represented Minorities, Veterans, and First-Gen college […]

Start Planning! Next week all you have are finals and no classes. If you have more than one exam, it is important to make sure when your test are scheduled and plan out when to study for them. Schedule your Studying/Make a Plan It is important to make a master schedule of your studying especially […]

Super Fun Places to Study!

Tired of studying in the same old spots week after week? Olin and SciLi getting too crowded and noisy for your taste? Or is studying in your room perpetually turning into unplanned napping? Try switching up where you study – you just might find your new go-to spot. Or, if you’re like me, you might […]

Course Selection Strategies

If you want to be a pro at Pre-Registration (the planning time happening Tuesday the 4th through the 17th at 5pm), you’re going to have to do some research on the courses you want and talk over your picks with your parents, friends, peer advisors (!), faculty advisor (or any professor you’ve liked). Besides that, it also […]

Ever feel like you could use some extra assistance from your professor, or need to ask them a question that you can’t ask in class? We all do sometimes, and professors know that. Although it can be a bit intimidating, it is definitely very useful to reach out to professors either via email or by […]

Managing Your Emails

As helpful as our computers are, they can instill quite a bit of stress in us when it comes to managing our lives, particularly with emails. Whether your emails are from the administration, professors, friends, family, Gap, or some fashion-site that you used once to get a great deal, you are bound to have a […]

Hello Class of 2018!  My name is Veronica Birdsall, and together with the other Peer Advisors (who you will hear from soon!) , I will be helping you along in your academic career before, during, and after Orientation! Now a little bit about Peer Advisors (PAs) : Who are we? Exactly what the name implies! […]

Dear Class of 2018, As you have no doubt deduced, my name is Andrew Curran. I’m Dean of Arts and Humanities and the Director of Curricular Initiatives at Wesleyan. Welcome to Wesleyan ! I’m writing today to let you know about the First-Year Seminar Program (FYS), which has been designed with you in mind. Here […]

Assess Yourself and Get Help

In my last blog post as a peer advisor, I wanted to share what has been the most important lesson for me during my undergraduate career: improving myself and asking for help. Excelling at Wesleyan hardly necessitates having the right answers all the time. What is far more valuable in promoting learning and personal growth […]

Course Withdrawal Deadline 4/30

A reminder that Wednesday, 4/30 is the last day to withdraw from full semester and 4th quarter classes! If you’re thinking of withdrawing from a course, you should reach out to the professor and your class dean as soon as possible.  

Help Them Help You

                    Establishing close relationships with your professors outside of class is one of the most important aspects of your college experience. Doing so can help bolster your understanding of course material, provide potential recommendations for summer and post-Wes opportunities, and generally enhance your perspective in navigating […]

Apps for Success

We all know that iPhones are magical, wondrous devices useful for everything from snapchatting to getting the name of that song playing in Pi. Until this week though, I did not fully realize how much iPhones can help out with studying and time management. So, I come to this blog post to impart some wisdom […]

Adjustment Time!

So today was the last day of planning your courses for the next semester, and tomorrow you’ll find out what classes you got. BREATHE. (It can be a little scary, so I’m just going to go ahead and and remind you not to freak out from time to time.) Most people will find they’ve been […]

Now that we are half way through spring break, it is the perfect time to take a peek at what awaits in your first week back from break. Do you have a paper due? Readings to finish? A midterm to tackle? Or did you want to plan a meeting for that week? These are all […]


Are you missing appointments or forgetting where you need to be? Do you find it difficult to let others know your availability when asked on the spot? Then it may be time to reexamine your organizational “system.” Use this break as a time to assess yourself and explore new platforms for staying on top of […]

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