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Senior year of high school, I was a daunted kid. Like many of you, I applied to a bunch of different colleges. Often older people wax nostalgically about how college was one of the most transformational periods of their life, which should have enlivened me at the time. It actually freaked me out – I […]

Only 1 more week and you guys will be at Wes!  During orientation week you will all register for classes. In fact, most of you should already have an FYI and/or an intro course that you registered for over the summer. You’ll learn all about the registration process in a matter of days, but keep […]

Your first year at Wesleyan is as good a time as any to practice living in the here and now. New to the institution, you’re blessed with a fresh start in a community that values exploration and experimentation. If you take to heart what I just said, and allow yourself to be engrossed by the […]

Are you interested in maybe pursuing math or science, but thus far totally undecided about a major or a career path? Here’s something that might grab your attention. Wesleyan has something called a “3-2 Program” for students wishing to become engineers. That’s right, even though we lack an engineering major directly on our campus, it […]

One of the great things about Wesleyan is that we undergraduates are not required to declare a major program until sophomore spring, giving us ample time to explore different areas of interest and discover what areas we really want to pursue further. Indeed, the application for almost all major programs is due around spring break […]

Faculty advisors can be a great resource, but the relationship needs to be two-way for you to get the most out of it. Although your advisor is there to support you and ensure your educational success, shaping your academic plan is ultimately a collaboration between advisor and student. At Wesleyan, faculty advising implies a continuing […]

This may seem like a minor issue at first, but first impressions are really important and a few of the rules of the game have changed in between high school and college, so let’s talk about how to address your professors. In high school, most (if not all) of you were probably used to addressing […]

“So I’ve been reading this blog for weeks now and its been very helpful with understanding Wes…..but what’s SARN?” As you’ve probably figured out, this is the Peer Advisor blog. Peer Advisors (the bloggers and our crew) are a part of SARN, the Students Academic Resource Network. Offically, SARN “coordinates programs for intellectual enrichment and academic […]

When you started thinking about applying to college, you probably made a list of criteria that you deemed important. Big school or small school? Urban or rural? East coast or West coast? At some point, Liberal Arts education came into the picture. Fast forward a few months, and here you are, about to find out […]

One thing that stands out to people when I talk to them about our lovely school is that no, Wesleyan does not have any required core classes. As a first year, you immediately have the ability to enroll in a large percentage of the total classes offered at the school, many of which will have upperclassmen […]

  Yes! No! I’ve heard both answers to the question believably argued during my time at Wesleyan. From a practical standpoint, majors matter because you will have to take a required number of courses and may be limited in your ability to study abroad or fit in non-major courses based on your major.

  Over the next week, you’ll be hearing from the other Peer Advisors and myself about Summer Registration. Some time before Monday, July 9 at 11:59 PM, you will be responsible for registering for two classes online (you’ll register for your remaining classes during orientation, in person with your advisor). One of them will be […]

The Faculty and Student Advising Handbook  was created to help introduce you the Wesleyan curriculum and facilitate effective choices in your course selection. This summer, you will enroll in 2 of the 8 courses you will take during your first year of college.  The information you provide will help Wesleyan select a faculty advisor suitable […]

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